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deerstudio group (deerstudio, inc., and deerstudio, llc.) provide film production, post-production (Final Cut Pro, ProTools), publishing, marketing, artisit management, IT & computer network management services.

With comprehensive knowledge, we provide all perspective of film productions including pre-production (script, rights, managing staff), production (camera, lighting, and sound mixing),and post-production (editing, ProTools sound editing, sound mixing and finishing).

With extensive knowledge of various kinds of communication services, we are able to provide the total marketing and operational support for your business operations.

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deerstudio, llc
TEL: +1 (310) 820-7129
FAX: +1 (310) 526-6891
deerstudio, inc (Japan)
TEL: +81 (3) 4590-6279
FAX: +81 (3) 6862-7559
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