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About deerstudio

deerstudio group (deerstudio, inc., and deerstudio, llc.) provide film production, post-production (Final Cut Pro, ProTools), publishing, marketing, artisit management, IT & computer network management services.

With comprehensive knowledge, we provide all perspective of film productions including pre-production (script, rights, managing staff), production (camera, lighting, and sound mixing),and post-production (editing, ProTools sound editing, sound mixing and finishing).

With extensive knowledge of various kinds of communication services, we are able to provide the total marketing and operational support for your business operations.

"deerstudio" is one word in lowercase.

Background of deerstudio

Since 1999, Katz Ueno has been working among the LA's independent film industry for various short films and feature film projects.

Having worked as production assistant, camera assistant, director of photography, editor, sound editor, and re-recording sound mixier, director, and producers for independent film projects, and corporate video projects, he has learned all aspect of filmmaking.

In addition, from his marketing experience of feature film projects, he slowly established the marketing experience from exisiting mass media to new internet marketing.

Later, he was asked to join publishing companies to maintain their entire operation of print media, he, then, learned to maintain company's database system, corporate web site, design and understand sales, and publishing industry.

Also he learned "how to learn" and be able to adopt and improve the new system quickly, in terms of both business and computer.

By using this ability to be able to utilize everything he has been asked to work: film, media and marketing experience. he has relized that he need to form a company based on his ability.

Here are the concepts of deerstudio's

1. To provide the services meet your demand and budget
2. To provide total management with our various knowledge
3. Very flexibile service
4. The company that helps your "goal" turn into the "result"
5. The bridge between Japan, the US and the world

Brief History of deerstudio


Opened web site as private web site

Have worked for various film projects

Produced "Life After", the first short film project in LA.

Produced "Dream of C", the first project shot in film.

Join the feature fim project, "Asian Stories" - the first feature

deerstudio, inc. was incorporated in Japan

deerstudio, llc. was incorporated in California

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6.Latest Updates

deerstudio, llc
TEL: +1 (310) 820-7129
FAX: +1 (310) 526-6891
deerstudio, inc (Japan)
TEL: +81 (3) 4590-6279
FAX: +81 (3) 6862-7559
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