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About deerstudio, llc.

deerstudio group (deerstudio, inc., and deerstudio, llc.) provide film production, post-production, publishing, marketing, artisit management, IT & computer network management services.

With comprehensive knowledge,  we provide all perspective of film productions including pre-production (script, rights,  managing staff), production (camera, lighting, and sound mixing),and post-production (editing, ProTools sound editing, sound mixing and finishing).

With extensive knowledge of various kinds of communication services, we are able to provide the total marketing and operational support for your business operations.

deerstudio, inc. was incorporated in Dec 2007 in Japan, and deerstudio, llc was incorporated in Feb 2008 in California.

"deerstudio" is one word in lowercase.


About the Company Name and Logo

deerstudio logo

The name of deerstudio (written as one lower-case word) came from the name of the very small river, Deer Ghost in Yokkaichi Mie, Japan, where the headquarter of deerstudio, inc. is located in. The logo represents the mountain, river and Japanese deer under the moonlight.


About us


The principals of deerstudios are:

1. To provide the services meet your demand and budget

2. To provide total management with our various knowledge

3. Very flexibile service

4. The company that helps your "goal" turn into the "result"

5. The bridge between Japan, the US and the world


Be free to contact us, first consultation is free of charge.

We don't disclose our e-mail address on the web site simply because of many spam e-mails.

However, don't hesitate to call or e-mail us any question.


Company Profile

deerstudio, llc.
(must be spelled as one word, and all lower case)
Headquarter: Los Angeles County, CA, USA
Contact: Please use this contact form, or call us. Due to overwhelming number of spam e-mails, we have decided not to disclose our e-mail address.
Web Site URL:
Incorporated: Jan 31, 2008

1. Film production services from pre-production to distribution

2. Rights management related to motion pictures and other media

3. Event management from planning to production, and marketing

4. Film screening, performance and music concert or other event planning

5. Produce programs of TV, DVD, internet or any other medium.

6. Representing film, TV programs and other video productions

7. Publishing services including new media

8. Other copyright related business such as licensing

9. Public relation, product licensing and product replacement services

10. Marketing services for both private and corporate businesses

11. Agency services for artists

12. Graphic design services including web site, logo and any other graphics

13. Developing computer programs

14. Support for building communication network from legacy phone system, LAN and new network system

15. Consultation services for purchasing and maintaining computer systems, video or audio devices or equipment


deerstudio, inc - Yokkaichi, Mie, Japan (Japanese only)


Brief History

1999     acquired

2000     Opened web site as private web site

2000~     Have worked for various film projects

2002     Produced "Life After", the first short film project  in LA.

2003     Produced "Dream of C", the first project shot in film.

2005     Produced the first feature film project, "Asian Stories"

2007     deerstudio, inc. was incorporated in Japan

2008     deerstudio, llc. was incorporated in California

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Mobile site

We also have mobile web site. If you use PDA, cell phone and other devices, you can also check our web site as well.

The URL stays the same. It's The server will re-direct you to the mobile site.

Or if you have a mobile device with camera with a barcode reader, please use the QR code below. The left is to Japanese site, and the right is to English site.



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TEL +1 (310) 820-7129

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