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Friday, 18 September 2009 08:04

"The Arena: North Shore" DVD to be released in the US, Japan and the rest of the world

deerstudio is pleased to announce the release of "The Arena: North Shore" DVD. A documentary about the surfers in North Shore, Hawaii during the season of 2008.

deerstudio joined the team to work for post-production sound.

DVD is now released in the US, Japan and the rest of the world, distributed by VAS (Video Action Sports).

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The film crews jumped into Hawaii North Shore in the winter of 2008 to follow professional surfers who are after to be "the world best".

North Shore has its fame of the world most outragous and dangerous wave in the world.

The film includes the one-on-one conversation with Andrew Mooney, an Australian surfer, and Jeff Bushman, the acclaimed board shaper.

And it has the interviews with Ross Clarke-Jones, Danny Fuller, Mark Healey and Strider Wasilewsky (from QuickSilver), and etc.

It intercuts with the full surf scenes with original music and music by various artists.

It's one of the must-see surfing documentary films before the 2009 season arrives.


The involvement of deerstudio

deerstudio has been working with the director, Justin LePera, and the Sk Production producer Geoff Clark for over several years.

"The Arena: North Shore" is our 2nd film to be released after "The Forgotten Coast".

Now, we are working on our next surf documentary takes place in Indonesia, "Isolated". In "Isolated," deerstudio also joined as camera crews in Indonesia.

In "The Arena: North Shore", deerstudio has provided the following services:

  • Sound Editing of main documentary
  • Sound Editing of the trailer
  • Sound Editing of MTV commercial
  • Sound Effects of SK Production company ID


We are very pleased with this on-going relationship with director, Justin LePera, and SK Productions.


Product Information

You can now purchase "The Arena: North Shore" on Amazon.

Amazon Store - The Arena: North Shore

The Arena: North Shore - Official Website


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