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Web Site Design and Development Services

We provide the following services

  1. Easy Assistance (We will teach you web marketing)
  2. CMS (Content Management System) web site
  3. Animation
  4. Shopping cart system
  5. E-mail system
  6. SEO - optimize your web site from a marketing perspective
  7. Eyes of the professionals
  8. WE UNDERSTAND YOUR BUSINESS - retail, restaurant, lawyer, accountant, professional, artist, athlete, photographer, filmmaker, and actor

We have experience working from a-few-pages simple web sites to large sites.

The pricing starts from $300-.




Planning and Budgeting

First, please be free to contact us.


We would like to ask you:

  1. Tell us your existing web site address (if any)
  2. The company where you registered your domain name (if any)
  3. The web hosting company and services that you currently subscribe (if any)
  4. And what you would like to improve from the current web site (if any)


And then, we would like to know:

  1. What is the purpose of the web site (e.g., I just want to have a company web site. I would like to sell some products from the web site)
  2. Primarly Budget
  3. Which type of web site you are looking for (CMS, static HTML, Flash animation, and etc)
  4. Please check what kind of artwork you currently have for the web site (How much we need to re-create, or create.)
  5. Tell us about Other web sites that you like their design


After a few consultation e-mails, we will let you know the budget and schedules.


Actual Design and Production

  1. If necessary, we move the domain register and/or web hosting company
  2. Design graphics, take new pictures, or buy some stock graphics or photos to ready the materials for the web site
  3. Provide you the rough design template for the web site
  4. After the approval, we will make the actual web site, and then make it open to the public. (During this process, we may use our testing server to check the work-in-progress)

*If you have critical design needs, production process could take a month.

*The most of the time, we can finish creating your web site within 2-3 weeks (except animation and video content).



Please go to our web site portfolio page.



Since the web site price depends on how complex your web site is going to be, the price may vary greatly. For your convenience and budgeting purposes, we have listed the sample price. However, please understand that your prices may be less or more expensive.


1. CMS System (Supports concrete5, WordPress, Magento and others)


Basic system
(like this deerstudio web site)


(Using the exsisting template)


OPTION: Additional Plug-in
(such as slideshow, or calendar system)


OPTION: PayPal Buttons
(create PayPal Add to Cart buttons, and use PayPal's shopping cart system)


OPTION: Shopping Cart Express
(using exisiting PayPal Standard, or Google Checkout, upto 10 products)


OPTION: Shopping Cart System
(requires merchant account, upto 10 products)


OPTION: Template Re-design


* One Year FREE Support via online remote assistance. We will teach you how to update your web site step by step.

* We are also capable of creating a mobile web

* All CMS services include basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and access analysis.

*The customer is responsible for domain registration fee plus $5~/mo of web hosting fee, depends on how many visitors.

*If the customer needs to send out more than 100 e-mails per hour, the web hosting fee starts from $50/mo~, or use third party newsletter system with additional cost.

*CMS system is more expensive to start from. However if you are familiar with using MySpace or Blogging services, you will be able to update by yourself after the short training. Therefore, if you don't need our on-going assistant, your cost is fixed.


2. Web Management

Monthly flat rate web management service. (1 year contract is required).

(server, email and security updates)


Contents I
(Basic + monthly update)


Contents II
(Basic + weekly update)


Contents III
(Basic + daily update)


* The pricing varies depends on how many amount of work actually needs.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Access Analysis

Basic Registration to Google, Yahoo, and MSN $200

Access Report - $100 (real-time access report of your web site) plus $10/page

**CMS plans includes this SEO option


4. Web Graphic Services

Logo Simple
(Consist only letters - one revision)

$200 ~

Logo Pro
(Consist letters and one shape - one revision)

$500 ~

Logo Comprehensive
(Provide 10 logo sketch, and 3 revisions)

$1,500 ~

Logo Digitization
(when only low-resolution of logo or paper logo available)


Web Icon Stock

$2~ (per image)

Web Icon Custom

$25~(per image)

Web Photo Stock

$2~ (per image)

Web Graphics Stock

$2~ (per image)

Web Graphics Custom

$50~ (per image)

Original Map

$200~ (per map)

* This list is just an example. The price can be cheaper or expensive depends on how simple or complicate your work is.


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