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Friday, 18 September 2009 06:36

Paralympic medalist, Teruyo Tanaka web site - built with concrete5 & WordPress; supports iPhone

Web Screenshot of Tanaka Teruyo web site

deerstudio, the service partner of concrete5, has launched the web site of Paralympic medalist, Teruyo Tanaka.

The web site was built with concrete5 CMS. Her blog was built with WordPress.

This is the first concrete5 web site by deerstudio, and supports both PC and iPhone viewing.

Geeklog Japanese was generous to provide their mobile plug-in for concrete5. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the community of Geeklog CMS.

In addition, thanks to the flexible structure of concrete5, the actual production took us one week from the beginning to the completion.

Therefore, we were able to concentrate on conceptualization, and training to update the web site by themselves (This project took the total two months from the order to the launch)

We used concrete5 CMS for the main part of the web site, and WordPress for the blog site to take advantaged of both CMS software and made it easy for site owner to update the pages.

The responsibility of deerstudio was:

  • Logo design
  • Domain registration and hosting service
  • Design and install web site
  • Design and install blog


We will continue to provide

  • Security update of each CMS
  • Web update support
  • Blog update support


We, deerstudio, are committed to provide continuous supports to sports athletes.


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