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Friday, 10 April 2009 18:06

20090327-1.concrete5deerstudio joined concrete5

deerstudio, llc has become the official service partner of concrete5, which is the FREE innovative open source web site management system.

deerstudio inc is the support company of a Japanese open source group, called Usagi Project which develop and support an open source social networking service program called "MyNETS".

Now, Usagi Project is going to support concrete5 Japanese version.

In addition to this free open source contribution, now deerstudio, llc has made an agreement with Concrete CMS, Inc. in Portland Oregon to become a official service partner of concrete5 to assist installation and development of concrete5 web sites for our clients.


What is concrete5?

concrete5 is a program to install on a web server to manage a web site.

Unlike other web design software, or web CMS (contents management system), there is no hassle of uploading the files, or logging into difficult administrative page of the site.

It's one of the best intuitive and easy-to-use web management system.

  • The people who knows how to use Microsoft Word can update the web site
  • The intuitive in-context editor
  • The very flexible design

For more detail information, please visit concrete5 web site at



deerstudio's involvement with concrete5

deerstudio firmly believe the power of open source community.

Therefore, deerstudio will contribute:

  • As concrete5 Japanese users' group (Usagi Project) 
    • The development of concrete5 Japanese version
    • Distributing concrete5 Japanese
    • Marketing concrete5 Japan
  • Assist the community users at for free support

deerstudio strongly believe in the spirit of open source community. And we are very grateful to be the part of this.


concrete5 Service Partner Program

Although concrete5 is very easy to use and free, the server knowledge will be required upon the installation of this software. Therefore, deerstudio will provide custom solution of your needs.

deerstudio's non-free service as a service partner of concrete5 are:

  • Coceptualization of your web site
  • Installation of concrete5 (especially Japanese version)
  • Custom design of concrete5 web site
  • Assist maintenance and security maintenance after the launch
  • Additional support such as online marketing, search engine optimization

For more information about our concrete5 plans, please contact us.

deerstudio, llc


concrete5 Japan (Japanese only)

Usagi Project (Japanese only)


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