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Film, Video and Audio Production Services 


Please be free to contact us for any question regarding the services we provide. We can provide flexible services.


Pre-Production (Planning and Budgeting)

We help you plan and budget your production needs. We have experienced working for small to big project. The small project starts from thousand dollar to multi million dollar projects. Our pre-production services are the follows.


1. Planning

2. Budgeting

3. Script or script consulting

4. Hire and manage cast and crew

5. Contract and Copyright management


Our portfolio includes theatrically released film, TV drama, event video, educational video, internet video, and video for mobile devices.

Supporting formats includes from streaming video, broadcasting video to motion pictures.

Because we have extensive knowledge of overall film production, we can suggest to save your cost from various aspect.

And we closely work with entertainment laywers.  If necessary, we can help to work with laywer to make everything go smooth.


Production Services

 Once we are ready to shoot, we can help provide all aspect of filmmaking. 

1. Camera - (35mm, 16mm, 8mm film, High-definition, Standard definition) 


2. Lighting - (This is the important factor of getting a beatuful video image. Considered with the budget and money, we help to maximize the quality of lighting)


3. Sound - (This is the most important factor of film and video production, with long yeas of both production and post-production (editin), we can assure to get the best possible sound quality under the circumstances)



Editing and Post-Production Services


We are capable of editing film, high-definiction to internet streaming videos. 

Because of overall knowledge of production to post-production including audio, we can maximize your footage onto the best possible products.

We also have extensive experience with sound. Even though your video image has less quality, we can improve the quality of work by making the sound better quality,



This is the list of the projects that we have worked on. 



Facilities and Equipment


    MovieMagic Scheduling

    MovieMagic Budgeting

    MovieMagic Screenwriter


    FileMaker Pro 7 (Database)

post production sound

    Apple Power Mac G5 [2.5GMHz-Dual, 3.5G RAM]

    Digidesign ProTools Digi002

    Digidesign DV Tool Kit

    DINR - Noise Reduction

    Digi Translator

    Waves Gold Natives

    EQ, Compressor, REverb etc.

    Behringer Studio Reference Monitors TRUTH B2031A

    ADR Capability.

location sound

    FOSTEX FR-2 Memory Card PortableRecorder

    Sharp MiniDisk RecorderIM-MT880

    Audio-Technica AT835bShotgun mic

    Audio-Technica AT897Shotgun Mic

    Rycote Windjammer, & Windshield kit

    Gitzo Carbon fiber boom pole

    Gitzo Alminum boom pole

    Sennheiser EW100ENG-G2 Wireless Lavalier Mics (4 sets)

    Behringer UBX-1204 Mixer

    Custom made 12-V battery (lasts 12 hours)

    Magliner Jr. Sound Cart

    XLR Cables (300 feet total)

    Other audio cables,adopters



    Apple Power Mac G5 [2.5GMHz-Dual, 3.5G RAM]

    PC Custome Made PC [P4-2.7GMHz, 2G RAM, Canopus DVRex M-1]

    Apple FinalCutStudio

    Apple CinemaTools

    Apple DVD Studio

visual effects (compositing)

    eyeon Digital Fusion

    Adobe AfterEffects

    Apple Motion

graphic design

    Adobe Photoshops

    Adobe Illustrator

    Adobe Acrobat Professional

    Adobe InDesign

    Adobe Flash

    Adobe Dreamweave


    Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) (own, exp)

    Apple iWorks


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